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Movie Review Archive N-Z

October 15, 2020


Welcome To Spiraken's Movie, and Anime Review Archive
This is where you can find out what movies have been reviewed, what episode it was reviewed in, and what our Intrepid Hosts rated it. This page covers movies from N-Z.
For Films from A-M and #s, Click Here   our Mini Movie Review Archive, Click Here
Just Like With the "Spiraken Manga Review", "The Spiraken Movie Review/ Spiraken Motion Picture Review" uses phrases for their reviews review.

  • Protest Outside Your Local Redbox So No One Rents This Reprehensible Piece of Shit (POYLR)-This film should be avoided at all costs unless you want to torture someone
  • Have On In The Background While Surfing The Internet For Stuff(HOITB)- Only worth watching in the most bored of states
  • Worth Watching Once In Theatres, Streaming Or On Blu-Ray (WWOIT) - It's Ok, not great. nuff said
  • Borrow From a Friend And Never Return It…Unless Offered...(BFAF)-Worth your time and is pretty good, there are some issues but the good outshines the bad
  • Really, really fucking cool. If you do not buy this right now your blood will dry out, your brain will freeze, and your soul will be forfeit to the 9th Layer of Hell Where You Will Be Forced To Watch Episode One For All Eternity While Jar Jar Binks Massages Your Shoulders Saying "Mesa Love You, Mesa Love You," meanwhile...(RRRFC)-WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Go to the store and buy this right now!!!!!!
  • For Theme Months we use Different Ratings Which will be posted next to the rating

Final note If the Movie Title is Red, that is one of our lost episodes, that due to computer error has disappeared. we will re-review them eventually.


Movie Title Episode  Xan Rating Cohost 1 Rating Cohost 2 Rating Cohost 3 Rating
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Ep 62 RRRFC Baz: RRFC Rufus: RRRFC Raze: RRRFC
Ninja Assassin Ep 98 RRRFC Baz: BFAF N/A N/A
No Strings Attached Ep 28 HOITB Bell: WWOIT N/A N/A
One Crazy Summer Ep 66 BFAF Hope: BFAF N/A N/A
Perfect Blue Ep 09 WWOIT Kal: WWOIT N/A N/A
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Ep 47 BFAF Baz: RRRFC Aimee: RRRFC N/A
Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea Ep 94 BFAF Lethal: WWOIT N/A N/A
Porco Rosso Ep 60 RRRFC Timbo: RRRFC N/A N/A
Prince of Darkness Ep 82 WWOIT Lu: BFAF N/A N/A
The Princess Bride Ep 101 RRRFC Lu: BFAF Mrs. Liz: RRRFC N/A
Princess Mononoke Ep 63 RRRFC Jaxie: RRRFC N/A N/A
Redline (English Dub) Ep 59 RRRFC Baz: BFAF Raze: BFAF N/A
Redline (Japanese Dub) Ep 56 RRRFC Baz: BFAF Rufus: RRRFC
Repo! The Genetic Opera Ep 86 RRRFC Demona: RRRFC N/A N/A
Riki Oh The Story of Ricky Ep 23 BFAF Odie: HOITB N/A N/A
Robocop Ep 73 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Rocky Horror Picture Show Ep 16 RRRFC Bell: RRRFC Hope RRRFC Kal BFAF
Rounders Ep 76 RRRFC Zorro: RRRFC N/A N/A
Rurouni Kenshin/Origins Ep 104 RRRFC Jaxie: RRRFC N/A N/A
Say Anything Ep 57 RRRFC Hope: RRRFC N/A N/A
School of Rock Ep 19 WWOIT Deke: WWOIT N/A N/A
Screamers Ep 97 POYLR Baz: POYLR N/A N/A
Shoot Em Up! Ep 48 BFAF Baz: WWOIT Rufus: BFAF
Silence of the Lambs Ep 81 BFAF Raze: RRRFC Lethal: RRRFC N/A
Silent Hill Ep 13 WWOIT Bell: WWOIT Baz: POYLR Rufus: POYLR
Snow White & The Seven Dwarves (1937) Ep 105 7 dwarves/ RRRFC Jaxie: 7 Poison Apples/RRRFC N/A N/A
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse SMPR 001  RRRFC Gretta: RRRFC N/A N/A
Strange Days Ep 70 BFAF Kal: WWOIT N/A N/A
Summer Rental Ep 64 BFAF Hope: RRRFC N/A N/A
Superman 2- Donner Cut Ep 43 BFAF Kal: RRRFC N/A N/A
Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Ep 88 BFAF Vinnie: BFAF N/A N/A
Tango & Cash Ep 49 WWOIT Baz: BFAF Rufus: WWOIT N/A
Tank Girl Ep 17 POYLR Deke: POYLR N/A N/A
They Live Ep 06 RRRFC Kal: RRRFC Kurado: RRRFC N/A
The Town SMPR 003 RRRFC  Gretta: BFAF  N/A N/A
Troll 2 Ep 22 HOITB Bell: HOITB Odie: WWOIT Timbo: WWOIT
Tron Ep 21 BFAF Ash: BFAF Deke: BFAF N/A
Undercover Brother Ep 92 BFAF Raze: BFAF Lethal: BFAF N/A
Upside Down Ep 90   Lu: N/A N/A
Valentines Day Ep 07 BFAF Bell: RRRFC N/A N/A
Weekend at Bernie's Ep 02 RRRFC Kal: RRRFC N/A N/A
The Wicker Man (1973) Ep 89 WWOIT Vinnie: RRRFC N/A N/A
Willow Ep 85 RRRFC Odie: RRRFC N/A N/A
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Ep 111 N/A Tracy: N/A N/A
Zack & Miri Make A Porno Ep 69 WWOIT Baz: WWOIT Raze: WWOIT Kal: WWOIT

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