In this episode of the Spiraken Movie Review, Joseph "Odie" McConnell, The Director and creator of the upcoming film "Kung Fu & Titties", returns as he and Xan, review one of the greatest Manga Live Action Film Adaptions of All Time, "Riki-Oh The Story of Ricky" directed by Ngai Kai Lam and starring Siu-Wong Fan, Mei Sheng Fan, and Ka-Kui Ho.


This episode is filled with Violent Hero Goodness. If you want to hear Xan's Review of the manga, Check out Spiraken Manga Review Ep 76: What The Fuck Can They Do Next?!?! Finally remember we have two contests going on right now. The Top 10 Movie Vehicles of All Time Contest and the big Tronouski quote Contest. For more info please check the forum under contests for rules and prizes. Remember to vote for what theme will be our first theme month in 2011 at


Please send us any comments concerns and ideas on how to make this podcast better. Let us know so we can do something about it. Also check out the facebook fangroup Spiraken Movie Review, And finally, listen to the primary podcast, The Spiraken Manga Review and check out Xan's sidekickery on the podcast Hope you enjoy.

Music For Episode: Intro Music -Riki-Oh Theme Song by ?????????? (Lik Wong OST),Background Music -Riki-Oh Theme Song by ?????????? ( Lik Wong OST), Ending Music -Ending Theme ( Lik Wong OST)

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