In this, very very late episode of the Spiraken Movie Review , Xan and Kal and Deke decided to split this review into 3 parts. So

in this first part of Episode 9, Xan and Kal discuss the recently deceased Satoshi Kon and we review His first film project

"Perfect Blue" directed by Satoshi Kon and starring several voice actors including Ruby Marlee and Wendy Lee.


Besides discussing the brilliance/insanity of Satoshi Kon, Kal and Xan read the nutritional facts off of a box of candy, Read from, get into an argument with Cleverbot tm and talk about "The Debbie"


Please send any comments concerns and ideas on how to make this podcast better. We are aware that the Cleverbot segment lasted a little bit too long, but did you enjoy it. Let us know. Remember to Listen to the primary podcast The Spiraken Manga Review. Also check out Xan's sidekickery on the podcast thank you and enjoy.

Music For Episode: Intro Music -Angel of Love by Cham (Perfect Blue OST), Background Music -Sex Theme ( Debbie Does Dallas OST), Background Music -Alone But At Ease by Masahiro Ikumi  (Perfect Blue OST), Background Music - Mimas Theme by Masahiro Ikumi (Perfect Blue OST), Background Music -Virtual Mima (Voice Version) by Masahiro Ikumi (Conan The Barbarian OST), Ending Music - Nightmare (Kaminari Version) by Masahiro Ikumi (Perfect Blue OST)

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