The second episode of the Spiraken Movie Review. In This episode, Xan & Kal review the 1985 Dark Comedy film, "Weekend At Bernie's" directed by Ted Kotcheff and starring Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, Don Calfa, and Terry Kiser as Bernie


Besides reminescning about the 1980's, Xan and Kal talk about the insanity behind this film and the obsurd nature of it. If you want to leave us a message about if you like this new podcast, if we should have this as a weekly or monthy podcast and what we should replace THE WHEEL OF MANGA with for this podcast, send an email to or .


Hope you enjoy this episode and please send any comments concerns and ideas on how to make this podcast better. Remember to Listen to the primary podcast The Spiraken Manga Review. Also check out Xan's sidekickery on the podcast thank you and enjoy

Music For Episode:Intro Music -Hot and Cold by Jermaine Stewart (Weekend At Bernie's OST),Background Music -Sexy Theme 3 by Mark Henessy (Porn Grooves OST),Background Music -Ritual/Ancient Battle/2nd Kroykah by Sol Kaplun (Star Trek OST Vol 2),Background Music -Yakety Saks by Benny Hill (The Ultimate Collection: Benny Hill),Ending Music -Hot and Cold by Jermaine Stewart (Weekend At Bernie's OST )

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Random Question of the Week: How many people did not realize that Bernie was dead in this movie?

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