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Welcome To Spiraken's Book Review Archive,

Where you can find links to all the different books we have reviewed in "The Spiraken Book Club" "Spiraken Book Review" and "Spiraken's Book Corner"


As with all of our review we have a rating system based on phrases as oppose to letter grade or a number score.  so from lowest to highest 

  • Take It To A Priest, Purify it & Then Burn It (TITAP): This book is utter garbage, not worth your time at all
  • Typical Reading Material At Your Local Correctional Facility or Psychiatric Institute (TRMA): There may be one or two positive things about this book but it is pretty bad 
  • A Gift From Your Crazy Aunt Muriel (AGFCAM): Ok but forgettable
  • Borrow From A Friend And Don't Return Unless Offered... (BFAF):The book is amazing and great but not the best thing ever 
  • Really Really Really Fucking Cool (RRRFC): Perfection! If you don't read this now, your brain will freeze and your soul will be forfeit to the 9th circle of Ry'lth.
Author TITLE  Episode Reviewers Rating
Charlise Harper The Amazing Crafty Cat SBR00c Xan BFAF
Garth Stein The Art of Racing in the Rain SBR Feb 2014a Xan RRRFC
L.A. Meyer Bloody Jack SBC Jan 2014b Lethal AGFCAM
Penelope Baigeu California Dreaming SBR Calidream Xan RRRFC
Edgar Allan Poe Complete Stories of Edgar Allan Poe SBC Oct Xan RRRFC
Mark Haddon The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time SBC April 2014a Lethal BFAF
Jason Shiga Demon Vol 2 SBC003 Xan BFAF
Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 SBC Aug 2014 Xan AGFCAM
Mary Shelley Frankenstein SBC June 2014a Xan RRRFC
John Steinbeck The Grapes of Wrath SBC May 2014b Xan BFAF
F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby SBC Nov 2014 Xan BFAF
Martin Page How I Became Stupid SBC Mar 2014b Xan BFAF
Ben Hatke Julie's House For Lost Creatures SBR001 Xan RRRFC
Arthur Goldman Memoirs of a Geisha SBC July 2014a Xan BFAF
Jane Austin Pride & Prejudice Sbookc001 Xan & Gretta RRRFC
Jane Austin & Seth  Grahame-Smith Pride & Prejudice & Zombies SBC May 2014a Xan BFAF
Terry Pratchett Raising Steam SBC July 2014b Xan RRRFC
Shannon Hale & LeUyen Pham Real Friends SBC005 Xan BFAF
Mitzi Szereto Red Velvet & Absinthe SBC Feb 2014b Xan AGFCAM
Larry Niven Ringworld SBC Sept Xan RRRFC
Mike Lawrence Space Scouts SBC004 Xan RRRFC
H. Daagsson Should You Be Laughing At This SBC Mar 2014a Baz TRMA
HG Wells The Time Machine  SBC Jan 2014a Xan RRRFC
Hideyuki Kikuchi Vampire Hunter D SBC April 2014a Xan RRRFX
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