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Movie Review Archive A-M

October 15, 2020


Welcome To Spiraken's Movie, and Anime Review Archive

This is where you can find out what movies have been reviewed, what episode it was reviewed in, and what our Intrepid Hosts rated it. This first page covers movies from A-M and #'s

For Films from N-Z, Click Here or our Mini Movie Review Archive, Click Here


Just Like With the "Spiraken Manga Review", "The Spiraken Movie Review/ Spiraken Motion Picture Review" uses phrases for their reviews review.

  • Protest Outside Your Local Redbox So No One Rents This Reprehensible Piece of Shit (POYLR)-This film should be avoided at all costs unless you want to torture someone
  • Have On In The Background While Surfing The Internet For Stuff(HOITB)- Only worth watching in the most bored of states
  • Worth Watching Once In Theatres, Streaming Or On Blu-Ray (WWOIT) - It's Ok, not great. nuff said
  • Borrow From a Friend And Never Return It…Unless Offered...(BFAF)-Worth your time and is pretty good, there are some issues but the good outshines the bad
  • Really, really fucking cool. If you do not buy this right now your blood will dry out, your brain will freeze, and your soul will be forfeit to the 9th Layer of Hell Where You Will Be Forced To Watch Episode One For All Eternity While Jar Jar Binks Massages Your Shoulders Saying "Mesa Love You, Mesa Love You," meanwhile...(RRRFC)- WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Go to the store and buy this right now!!!!!!
    For Theme Months we use Different Ratings Which will be posted next to the rating
    Final note If the Movie Title is Red, that is one of our lost episodes, that due to computer error has disappeared. we will re-review them eventually.
Movie Title Episode  Xan Rating Cohost 1 Rating Cohost 2 Rating Cohost 3 Rating
100 Girls Ep 75 WWOIT


100th Episode Retrospective Ep 100 N/A


The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Ep 03 RRRFC


Airplane Ep 50 RRRFC


Rufus: RRRFC N/A
Aladdin (1992) Ep 108 All the treasures in all the world (RRRFC) Jaxie: All The Cave of Wonders (RRRFC) N/A N/A
Alice in Wonderland (1951) Ep 107 A Basket of Drink Me's and a case of Eat me's (RRRFC)

Jaxie: A Bush of White Roses painted Red (RRRFC)

Alita: Battle Angel Ep 308 RRRFC

Gretta: RRRFC

Army of Darkness Ep 18 BFAF Deke: BFAF  N/A N/A
Arrietty/Kari-gurashi no Arrietty Ep 63 BFAF Demona: RRRFC N/A N/A
Barry Gordy's The Last Dragon Ep 52 Flawless Victory/RRRFC

Zorro: Flawless Victory/RRRFC

Baseketball Ep 79 WWOIT


The Big Hit Ep 68 HOITB


Big Trouble in Little China Sup Ep I 6 Demon Bag/RRRFC

Deke: 6 Demon Bag/RRRFC

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Ep 04 WWOIT Bell: BFAF N/A N/A
Blade Runner Final Cut (Rough Audio) Ep 72 WWOIT Sean Russell: HOITB N/A N/A
The Boondock Saints (rough audio) Ep 78 WWOIT Sean Ryan: WWOIT N/A N/A
Brick Ep 95 RRRFC Baz: RRRFC N/A N/A
Cannonball Run Ep 10 RRRFC Bell: RRRFC Baz: RRRFC Rufus: RRRFC
The Castle of Cagliostro Ep 61 RRRFC Timbo: RRRFC Baz: RRRFX Raze: RRRFC
Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke Ep 38 BFAF Timbo: BFAF N/A N/A
Cinderella (1950) Ep 106 5 Jax Jax's /RRRFC Jaxie: 5 Gus Gus'/RRRFC N/A N/A
City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes SAR CH RRRFC Gretta: RRRFC N/A N/A
Cobra Ep 58 N/A N/A N/A N/A
The Collector Ep 84 RRRFC Lu: WWOIT N/A N/A
Conan The Barbarian Ep 08 RRRFC Deke: RRRFC Kal: RRRFC N/A
Conan The Destroyer Ep 32 WWOIT Deke: HOITB Kal: HOITB N/A
Crank Ep 27 BFAF Deke: WWOIT N/A N/A
Danny Deckchair Ep 103 RRRFC Michael: RRRFC N/A N/A
Daredevil Director's Cut Ep 46   Zorro: N/A N/A
Dark City Ep 33 WWOIT Timbo: WWOIT N/A N/A
Dark Man Ep 35 WWOIT Deke: WWOIT Jubbs: WWOIT N/A
Demolition Man Ep 65 WWOIT Baz: WWOIT Raze: WWOIT N/A
Desperado Ep 05 RRRFC Kal: RRRFC N/A N/A
Die Hard Ep 24 RRRFC Deke: BFAF Kal: RRRFC N/A
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels SMPR 002 RRRFC Gretta: RRRFC N/A N/A
Doctor Detroit Ep 34 WWOIT Deke: HOITB N/A N/A
Doctor Horrible Sing Along Blog Ep 87 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Dragonslayer Ep 30 HOITB Kal: HOITB N/A N/A
Dredd (Rough Audio) Ep 77 RRRFC Kal: BFAF
Drive Angry...in 3-D Ep 51 HOITB Timbo: HOITB N/A N/A
Dutch Ep 20 BFAF Zorro: WWOIT N/A N/A
Easy Rider Ep 36 BFAF Deke: BFAF N/A N/A
Escaflowne Ep 93 WWOIT Raze: POYLR Lethal: WWOIT
The Escape Plan Ep 96 WWOIT Baz: BFAF Raze: WWOIT Lethal: BFAF
Excalibur Ep 29 BFAF Deke: BFAF N/A N/A
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Ep 37 WWOIT Deke: WWOIT N/A N/A
Fifth Element Ep 01 WWOIT Kal: WWOIT N/A N/A
A Fish Called Wanda SMPR 004 RRRFC Gretta: RRRFC N/A N/A
Flash Gordon Ep 11 WWOIT Zorro: WWOIT N/A N/A
Gattaca Ep 71 RRRFR Odie: RRRFC N/A N/A
Green Lantern Ep 45 BFAFI Timbo: WWOIT N/A N/A
Grosse Point Blanke Ep 110 BFAF Tracy: RRRFC N/A N/A
Guardians of the Galaxy Ep 99 RRRFC Baz: RRRFC N/A N/A
H. P. Lovecraft's Re-Animator Ep 83 WWOIT Lu: HOITB N/A N/A
Hellraiser Ep 14 RRRFC Bell: RRRFC Hope: BFAF N/A
Highlander Ep 91 BFAF Baz: RRRFC Lethal: BFAF Raze: WWOIT
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Ep 42 WWOIT Hope: WWOIT N/A N/A
Hot Fuzz Ep 109   Louis Martin: N/A N/A
How High Ep 40 BFAF Fightbait: RRRFC N/A N/A
Incredible Hulk Ep 44 BFAF Baz: RRRFC Rufus: RRRFC N/A
Inglorious Basterds Ep 80 RRRFC Kelley: RRRFC N/A N/A
Judge Dredd (Rough Audio) Ep 77 HOITB Kal:  HOITB N/A N/A
Jumanji Ep 41 BFAF Bell: BFAF N/A N/A
Kickboxer Ep 53 Boot to the Head/HOITB Zorro: Boot to the Head/HOITB N/A N/A
Killer Klowns From Outer Space Ep 102 BFAF Michael: BFAF N/A N/A
Kung Fu Hustle Ep 55   Zorro: N/A N/A
Kung Fu Panda Ep 54 RRRFC Zorro: RRRFC N/A N/A
Legend Ep 31 HOITB Deke: HOITB N/A N/A
Little Shop of Horror Ep 15 BFAF Bell: BFAFI Hope: BFAF N/A
Lockout Ep 74 POYLR Odie: POYLR N/A N/A
Monster Squad Ep 12 WWOIT Zorro: WWOIT N/A N/A
Mulan (1998) Ep 108 8 Imperial Honors/RRRFC Jaxie: 7 Family Ancestors/RRRFC N/A N/A
My Science Project Ep 26 HOITB Deke: WWOIT N/A N/A

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