In this episode of the Spiraken Movie Review , Xan and Zorro review another Cult Classic From the 1980's but this one is a comedy horror movie "The Monster Squad" directed by Fred Dekker and starring Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Brent Chalem, Ryan Lambery, Ashley Banks, and Duncan Regehr


Besides talking about how wolfman has nards, they go on a nostalgia trip and remember the 80's.


Please send any comments concerns and ideas on how to make this podcast better. Let us know. Remember to Listen to the primary podcast, The Spiraken Manga Review and also check out Xan's sidekickery on the podcast Hope you enjoy. SEIZE HIM!!

Music For Episode: Intro Music -Rock Until You Drop by Michael Sembello (The Monster Squad OST), Ending Music -The Monster Squad by The Monster Squad (The Monster Squad OST)

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Random Question of the Week: What 3 anime series appeared in this movie?

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