It's Tuesday, So let's talk about some tv shows.


It's Spiraken's Television Tuesday!

In this informative episode, Xan once again is solo as he discusses the latest episode of "NOS4A2", "Snowpiercer", and "DC's Stargirl".


"NOS4A2" S2 E2 "The Night Road" directed by Craig McNeil


"Snowpiercer" S1E8 "These Are His Revolutions" directed by Everardo Gout.


"Stargirl" S1E8 "Shiv part 2" directed by Geary Mcleod.

As Xan recaps these episodes, he also revises his opinion on actor Trae Romano, discusses the character progression on Vic McQueen and offers his shocking opinion on the events of Snowpiercer.

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Music Used in This Episode: Closing Theme - Jal-Edge of Water by Aakash Gandhi (Youtube Audio Library)

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