It's Tuesday! So its time to talk about some Television Shows!!!



In this fun filled fifth episode, Gretta & Xan review the Season 2 Premire of NOS4A2 


S2E1 "Bad Mother" directed by John Shiban


They also review Snowpiercer Episode 6 


"Trouble Comes Sideways" directed by Helen Shaver

And finally they review Epsiode 6 of Stargirl


"Justice Society" directed by Christopher Manley

As they discuss the impacts these episodes have on their overarching series, they also debate the poor choices Courney makes, How an episode without the main villain sets up the season for NOS4A2, and how dramatic Snowpiercer is getting.

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Music Used in This Episode: Closing Theme-Summer in the Neighborhood by Bad Snacks (Youtube Audio Library)

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Random Question of the Day: When will the powderkeg blow up on snowpiercer?

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