In this very special supplemental episode of the Spiraken Review Podcast, Xan and Gretta go over the most addictive manga series, anime series and comic book events that were released over the last Decade.




From "One Punch Man", "Death Parade", "Saga", "Way of the Househusband" to even "Spiderverse", this supplemental gives our thoughts on the many many manga and anime events  of the 2010s. 


While we were not able to cover every series that debuted, we tried to cover as many as possible and gave our opinions about them. 

 If you agree or think we missed something, email us at and let us know what we missed(Note because of the large amount of geeky things, we split this into two episodes so stay turned for the part two where we discuss anime series, manga series and comic book events of the 2010s)

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Music Used in This Episode:  Closing Theme- The Best Anime Openings of 2010-2019 by Various Artists  (Decade Mix 2010s)

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Random Question of the Week: What was your standout manga of the 2010s?

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