In This episode of the podcast, Xan reviews his experiences at 




 Anime Boston 2018 from March 30th-April 1st in Boston MA.


besides talking about the amazing experiences at the convention, he also talks about his latest panels at the convention, the vibe of the attendees and the positive feeling of the direction the con is going in.


There is also discussion about his new panel "May The Force Be With You: How Star Wars Influenced Anime/Manga" and "Captains, Cowgirls & Cyborgs: The Memorable women of Sci Fi Anime/Manga".



They also discuss the unique cosplayers who not only know the wae but are exceptional cosplayers. Either way, check out all the cosplayers on Our Spiraken Flickr Anime Boston Photos Hope you enjoy

Music For Episode:  Ending Music - GO by Flow (Naruto OST


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Random Question of the Week: What is better: Red Vines or Twizzlers?
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