In This super special episode of this podcast, Xan, Gretta and Doug discuss their top five favorite Muppet Movies/Specials  of all Time.

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As they discuss these classic films/ television specials,, they also share their favorite Jim Henson Moments, the impact the muppets have had on their entertainment life and marvel at the magic of these amazing characters. We will be continuing this muppet retrospective with a new more podcasts so stay tuned.

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Music Used in This Episode: Opening Theme- The Muppet Show Introduction by Jim Henson, Frank Oz and Others  (The Muppet Show OST) , Closing Theme- Mah Nà Mah Nà by Jim Henson  (The Muppet ShowOST) , Stinger Theme- Rainbow Connection by Kermit The Frog  (The Muppets Album)

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Random Question of the Week: What are your top five Muppet Movies or Specials?

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