In this sixteenth installment of Spiraken Review Podcast's "Bond Marathon/Bond-o-Thon", Xan & Gretta review a bond film that set off a new era of bond with casting of Timothy Dalton as 007. Is His first outing as James Bond a success or a failure ? well sit back and find out as they review the 1987 James Bond Film "The Living Daylights" directed by John Glen and starring Walter Gotell. John Terry, Geoffrey Keen, Desmond Llewelyn, Robert Brown, Andreas Wisniewski, Art Malik, John Rhys-Davies, Joe Don Baker, Jeroen Krabbe, Maryam d'Abo, and Timothy Dalton as James Bond.


As our spy fan hosts discuss this 80s tastic James Bond Film, they also discuss the setting during the end of the cold war, the reintroduction of Smiert Spionam in this franchise, the questionable choice of a new Moneypenny and the history behind this film.


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Music Used in This Episode: Opening Theme- Gunbarrel by John Barry (The Living Daylights OST ) Closing Theme- The Living Daylights by A-ha  (The Living Daylights OST)

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Random Question of the Week: Was this film too 80s?

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