In this Thirteenth installment of Spiraken Review Podcast's "Bond Marathon/Bond-o-Thon", Xan & Gretta review a Bond movie rushed in order to compete with an unoffivial Bond Film.Is it the Superior Film? Sit back and find out as they review The James Bond Film "Octopussy" directed by John Glen and starring Vijay Amritraj, Walter Gotell, Michaela Clavell, Lois Maxwell, Robert Brown, Desmond Llewelyn, David Meyer, Anthony Meyer, Steven Berkoff, Kabir Bedi, Kristina Wayborn, Louis Jourdan, Maud Adams, and Roger Moore as James Bond.


As our hosts rant about this weird film, they also discuss how tired James feels in this movie, one of the best villains in the franchise, one of the worst villains in the franchise and the impracticality of a giant yoyo blade as a weapon.


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Music Used in This Episode: Opening Theme- Gunbarrel by John Barry (Octopussy OST), Closing Theme- All Time High by Rita Coolidge  (Octopussy OST)

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Random Question of the Week: Was Maud Adams a good Bond Girl?


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