In This special con review, Xan and gretta talk about their amazing journey at  AnimeNext 2018 from June 8th - June 10th in Atlantic City, NJ.


Besides discussing the insanity that was Xan Hosting not one but six panels in one day, our intrepid hosts also discuss the large amount of My Hero Academia Cosplayers, the unique attendee experience and how this con felt compared to last year


There is also some talk about some exciting news for Xan & Gretta  as well as  what our greatest memories about the con are.



 MVP of the IMC, Peaches


The many attendees at the 20 Manga Recommendations Panel

Either way Hope you enjoy

Music For Episode:  Ending Music - Refrain Boy by All OFF (Mob Psycho 100 Ost

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 Random Question of the Week: Should Xan Do more panels at the Con?

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