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New York Comic Con 2017 Pre Show Information

October 5, 2017


So Xan is on his way to New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javitz Center in Manhatten NY From Oct 5-Oct 8th 2017.

and he hopes to see you there.
On the itinerary for this year are so many awesome panels and events that Xan and his friends hope to see at the con. Even if Xan cannot make it to some of the panels here are a few of the panel worth checking out.

On Thursday the 5th
There is surpsingly a Tokyopop (I thought Stu Levy drove that company into the ground) panel at 1:30 in room 1A18. At 3:00 PM there is the Funimation industy Panel in room 1A18 and at 4:00 PM there is the official Viz Media Panel in Room 1A06.
The American Gods Panel at 6Pm in the main stage (Also There is an afterparty which Xan has been invited to, so that should be awesome)
Also at 6 there will be the Replicas Panel with Keanu Reeves in Room 1A06

On Friday the 6th
The Pacific Rim Uprising Panel at the Theater isat Madison Square Garden at 12:00 Pm
At 2:30 Kodansha is present A Fairy Tail panel and Q&A with Hiro Mashima on the main stage
At 2:45, Marvel will be talking about Spider-man and His Amazing Friends in room 1A24
AT 5:15 PM, There is the Classic SF Manga ft. Akira's 35th Anniversary edition presented by Kodansha in Room 1A24
then Hulu and Marvel's The Runaways will be on the main stage at 7:45 PM
AT 9PM The Premire for Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 will be on in Room 1A24

On Saturday the 7th
There is the Voltron Legendary Defender Panel in the main stage at 11am,
At 1:45Pm There will be the official Weekly Shonen Jump Panel in Room 1A10.
At 2:30 PM, Twisted Toons Panel with Lots of Voice Actots will be on the main stage
At 5:30 in Room 1A10 The Cruncyroll Industry Panel will be happening
and finally AMC's The Walking Dead is at 7:45 at the theater at Madison Square Garden

On Sunday the 8th,
Kodansha's official panel with new licenses will be at 4:00 Pm in room 1A06

Also remember to check out the Artist Alley, The Dealer's Room, The Game Area and the various Locations where people will be cosplaying

Hope to See you there