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From Under The Bed retro Horror in Anime & Manga Panel List

April 2, 2017

Just finished the Retro Horror in Anime and Manga panl at Anime Boston 2017 and it was pretty good despite some difficulties. For those of you who checked out the panel, thank you for coming and i hope you learned about some fun and amazingly scary series. so as promised. here is the list of anime and manga i talked about at the panel


List of horror series Xan talked about at the Retro horror in anime and manga panel at Anime Boston 2017

Gegege no Kitaro


Perfect Blue


Call Me Tonight



Vampire Hunter D

Demon City Shinjuku

Wicked City


3x3 eyes


Barefoot Gen

Series that I was unable to show at the panel but talked about

Domu: A Child's Story

Gegege no Kitarou


Hell Target

Vampire Princess Miyu

Demon Lorde Dante.


If you would like to know about more manga and anime series that are horror, you can email me at xan@spiraken.com or leave a comment below

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