In this episode, Xan reveals his big news concerning Anime Boston as well as his secret project. He talks about all the new manga news out there and he announces all the manga releases of the week...

and he reviews "Interspecies Reviewers" by Amabara"


Isn't it cool that Xan is going to be a feature Panelist at Anime Boston. You Should check out his panels. Also if you are interested in finding out more about his upcoming book, feel free to email him at

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Music Used in This Episode: Closing Theme- "Ikōze☆Paradise" (イこうぜ☆パラダイス) by Junji Majima, Yūsuke Kobayashi, and Miyu Tomita  (Ishuzoku Rebyuāzu OST)

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Random Question of the Day: Do you think this manga is at all redeemable?

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