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Spiraken Manga Review

Jul 2019

Ep 325: The World Revolves Around Younger Siblings

July 17, 2019

In this episode, Xan and Gretta review the hilarious manga about an older brother dealing with his crazy inside otaku, outside ms perfect, little sister. So pour yourself some coca-cola, put on a hamster kigu and enjoy as they reviews "Himouto Umaru-Chan" by Sankaku head

 Himouto Umaru-Chan


 Our hosts debate about the combination of chocolate and sour potato chips as well as the logic behind some of Umaru's choices. Hope You Enjoy This Episode

Music For Episode:   Intro Music - Kakushin-teki Metamorphose! by Aimi Tanaka (Himouto Umaru-Chan OST), Ending Music - Nimensei☆Uraomote Life! by Aimi Tanaka (Himouto Umaru-Chan R OST)

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: What is your power Kigu?

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