In this episode, Xan revisits an old manga title reimagined for modern audiences. So enjoy as he reviews the shojo magical girl action adventure manga series, "Cutie Honey A Go Go" adapted from Go Nagai's original manga by Shimpei Itoh


Besides comparing this to the original series (which we reviewed here, our host also discusses the new elements and the cliffhanger ending to this manga. hope you enjoy this episode. (Note Xan reedited this episode to include the new opening theme to Cutie Honey Universe for the ending credits. tell me what you think about it compared to the original)

Music For Episode: Intro Music - Onegai/ Cutie Honey  by Koda Kumi (Cutie Honey Re OST),  Ending Music -Ai ga Nakucha Tatakaena- by AOP (Cutie Honey Universe OST)

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