In this episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan reviews the fourth best selling manga series of all time, so sit back and relax as he reviews the shonen detective mystery series  "Meitanti Conan/ Detective Conan/Case Closed" by Gosho Aoyama


Xan would like to apologize for the late release of this episode but as you know, things have been difficult for him IRL. AnywayBesides reviewing this manga, Xan talks about the unique style of this manga, the question of if there will be an ending and ponders why this is so prolific.  Hope you enjoy this episode.

Music For Episode: Intro Music - Mune Ga Doki Doki by The HIgh-Lows (Meitantei Konan OST),  Ending Music -Step By Step by Ziggy  (Meitantei Konan OST

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