OK! Xan is starting to really get frustrated with these Isekai Stories! In this episode, Xan reviews another Isekai manga that is super generic. But we hope you get enjoyment as he rants and reviews the fantasy isekai manga series "Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai De" by Satoru Abo


Xan knows this episode is subpar but Gretta tries to liven the mood and challenges all you switch owners to a match on mario kart for the switch. will you take up the challenge? Let us know at Spiraken@gmail.com Either way Hope you enjoy this episode.

Music For Episode: Intro Music - Fantasy Music Instrumental by Epidemic Music (Relax Your Mind),  Ending Music -Battle Music- by Chay Chay Stenson (D&D Action

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: Why do you think Xan hates this manga so much?

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