In this manly episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan is mystified as he reviews a medical drama manga that is just as manly as Hokuto no Ken. So sit back and enjoy as Xan reviews  "Super Doctor K" by Mafune Kazuo


Besides not talking of day of the dead, Xan rants about the absurdity in this manga, how the medical knowledge is borderline more credible than Baki fixing his arm by tying tendons in a knot. Either way, Hope you enjoy this episode. 

Music For Episode: Intro Music - Main Theme by Bullfrog (Theme Hospital OST)Intro Music - Ai o Torimodose!! by Monseiur Yoshiaki (Hokuto no Ken OST),  Ending Music -Manly Men by Greg Keller (Overly Manly Men

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Random Question of the Week
: How perplexed do you think Xan was after reading this manga?

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