HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! In this spooky episode, Xan debates on what candy to eat and talks about the greatest mangaka's interpretation of the most famous vampire of all time. So sit back and enjoy as Xan reviews Osamu Tezuka's slapstick comedy series "Don Dracula"


Despite the large infodump Xan gives on the origin of this manga, He also talks about how unique it is compared to his other series and how slapstick fixes the vampire genre in general. Xan also lays out this podcast's plans for the next 8 months and hopefully we can stick to it. Anway, be safe this Halloween. Have a blast and enjoy this episode. 

Music For Episode: Intro Music - PARADAISU DORAKYURA /Dracula's Paradise by Kenji Utsumi (Don Dracula OST),  Ending Music -Otō-san wa kyūketsuki/My Dad is a Vampire  by Yoshimi Niikuma (Don Dracula OST

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Random Question of the Week
: What kind of candy do you prefer on Halloween?

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