Spiraken Manga Review


Ep 211:Watch out for sharks. sa-me, sa-me, sa-me, sa-me, sa-me ni ki o tsu-ke-ro

June 14, 2017

In this cheerful episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan takes it easy as he reviews a heartwarming slice of life manga about family, food and friendship. So sit back and relax as he reviews "Amaama to Inazuma/ Sweetness & Lightning" by Gido Amagakure


While discussing the more unique aspects of the story, Xan also discusses where this series will go, which of the recipes he has tried making and what is the craziest thing he has seen a tiny human do. Either way  Hope you enjoy

Music For Episode: Intro Music - Bright and Cheerful Fanfare by MimimemeMIMI (Sweetness & Lightning OST),  Ending Music -Maybe  by Brian the Sun (Sweetness & Lightning OST 

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