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Dec 2017

Ep 243: Oh Joy, Another Neko Girl Manga

In this episode, Xan ventures into the world of Chimerical Girls. So sit back and enjoy as he reviews the Ecchi comedy Harem series "Come Come Vanilla" written by Daisuke Tazawa and illustrated by Chihiro Harumi


As he reviews this manga, our intrepid host also ponders the appeal of neko girls, how this manga deviated so far from its source material  and also discusses the new schedule for the podcast in the upcoming year. Hope you enjoy this episode and we hope your new years is a blast.

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Dec 2017

Ep 242: In The Beginning, God Made Cats…and It was Good

Happy Belated Christmas to those who celebrate it. Xan is taking it easy today, so in this episode, Xan gets to read a webcomic  instead of a manga. So sit back and enjoy as he reviews the manwah slice of life comedy web comic  series "Saphie The One Eyed Cat" by Joho


Xan discusses the unique perspective of this web comic as well as his thoughts on if this webcomic is based on real life. Check out The actual web comic here Hope you enjoy this episode.

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Dec 2017

Merry Christmas 2017


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Spiraken Review Podcast Staff

Dec 2017

Ep 241: Hiding From Police In Plain Sight Is Easy for Kaito Thieves

Hey! Who Stole Xan's artwork? In this episode, Xan goes over a classic crime manga series about spectacular cat burglers. So protect your valuables and enjoy as he reviews the action kaito  series"Cats Eye" by Tsukasa Hojo


As one of the earlier Kaito series, Xan goes over this manga's influence on future Kaito series. He also wonders how idiotic the police must be in the Cats Eye universe. Either way, hope you enjoy this episode.

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Dec 2017

Ep 240: This Isekai Genre is Starting To Go Too Far

In this episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan is reminded of Hellsing as he reviews a twisted violent and surreal action manga. So enjoy as he reviews "Drifters" by Kouta Hirano


Dimensional Time Travel mixed with the afterlife is so weird. Xan also talks about his feelings on the ENDS and how he feels it could have been made more effective. Either way, hope you enjoy this episode.

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