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Nov 2017

Xan Leveled Up



Xan at Tokyo Tower

A post shared by Xan Spiraken (@spiraken) on Mar 12, 2017 at 8:22pm PDT

Another Year has passed and our amazing Host Xan has gotten a bit older and had more experience in Life.

He is now level 36 also know as he is 36 years old

Happy birthday Xan and may you have many more


also Happy birthday to former Cohost Lethal. Hope all is well 

Nov 2017

Ep 235: Behind Door Number One…IS Pork Cutlets and Fried Shrimp?!

In this mouthwatering episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan gets an early birthday present as he reviews this delectable food and fantasy manga. So sit back and relax as he reviews "Restaurant to Another World/ Isekai Shokudo" by Junpei Inuzuka  illustrated by Takaaki Kugatsu


Besides geeking out about this manga, Xan also discusses the unique nature of its US release and what he enjoyed about this manga. He also talks a little bit about his plans for his upcoming birthday. Send Xan birthday wishes at xan@spiraken.com and on twitter @spiraken. Either way, we hope you enjoy this episode.

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Nov 2017

Ep234: Smuggling Stuff Into The Demon World Is Way Too Easy

In this episode, Xan checks out a recent series that focus on Emo Vampires. So enjoy as Xan reviews the action comedy horror manga series  "Blood Lad" by Yuuki Kodama


Besides talking about the overarching plot of the series, Xan also discusses the standout elements of this manga, the crazy art style and pimps out his review of Anime NYC 2017 with Doug Wilder. Hope You enjoy this episode and leave some comments below.

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Nov 2017

Spiraken Con Report: AnimeNYC 2017

In this con review, Xan is joined by Doug Wilder from Animecons.tv as they talk about their experiences at the first ever AnimeNYC that happened on Nov 17th through Nov 19th in New York, NY.


As they cover the pros and cons of this new convention, The awesomeness of the Gundam Thunderbolt Concert, their amazing living dead squadron cosplay ,our hosts also discuss the future of this convention, their thoughts about the upcoming Star Wars Movie, the potential creation of an Anime Fan Burning Man festival and where they feel the con succeeded. This Con definitely is one of the top cons of the year


Hope You Enjoy The Episode.

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Nov 2017

Ep 233: Unappetizing Manga Can Ruin Your Appetite

In this quick episode, Xan talks about all the wonderful food he enjoyed on Thanksgiving and then he discusses the crappy manga that was made by a weirdo who likes food way too much. Hope you are not scared away as Xan reviews "Food Girls" by Okama


Hopefully Xan gets to review some better food manga soon because this one left a gross taste in his mouth and in his mind. Either way check out some of the great food manga we have reviewed on our review archive. If you celebrate it, Hope you have a safe and happy Thankgiving weekend 

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