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Mar 2017

Retro Anime Themes Panel list

Hey Everyone it's Xan and I hopefully had an awesome panel. For those of you who attended it, thank you for coming and I hope i showed you some cool anime series that you never heard of before and might want to check out. 

Either way here is a list of the Series that I showed at my Retro Anime Themes Panel at Anime Boston 2017

if you have any questions, you can email me at xan@spiraken.com or comment below. thanks


Astro Boy

Sally the Witch

Speed Racer

Gegege no Kitaro

Princess Knight

Cutey Honey

Rose of Versailles

Mazinger Z

Aim for the Ace

Yokai Ningen Bem

Space Battleship Yamato

Galaxy Express 999

Mobile Suit Gundam

Lupin the III

combattler V

Urusei Yatsura

Dirty Pair


Creamy mami

Captain Tsubasa

Dragonball z

Ranma 1/2

Yu Yu Hakusho

El Hazard

Tenchi Muyo

Outlaw Star

Cowboy Bebop

King of Braves Gaogaigar

Slayers Next

Serial Experiment Lain

Rurouni Kenshin


Revolutionary Girl Utena

Kare Kano/His & Her Circumstances


One Piece

Mar 2017

Ep 208: Things In This World That Make Me Wise

In this exciting episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan talks about Economics, trade and mysticism as he reviews Isuna Hasekura's manga adaptation of "狼と香辛料 (Ōkami to Kōshinryō)"  or as it is known in the west as "Spice & Wolf"


Xan geeks out over the various adaptations of this unique fantasy story as well as pimps out the Collector's edition. Check out Xan at Anime Boston 2017 from March 30- April 2nd.  Hope you enjoy

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Mar 2017

Xan is going to Anime Boston 2017

Now that Xan is back from his trip to Japan, he is going to be releasing tons of new episodes...but first



He is going to Anime Boston 2017 from march 31-April 2nd at the Hynes convention center in Boston MA

He has 5 panels 

Retro Anime Themes on friday the 31st at 5:00pm in Panel Room A

Thieves of Manga on Friday the 31st at 7:30pm in panel room 306

Teachers in Manga: A Hazardous Occupation on Saturday the 1st of April at2:00pm in Panel room 309

From Under the bed:Horror in Anime & Manga on Saturday the 1st at 11:00pm in panel room 306

and finally 22 Retro Manga Recommendations for Grown ups on Sunday the Second at 10:30am in Panel room 207

Check them out and hope to see you there

Mar 2017

Ep 207: Learning To Run With Three Feet

Xan is back from Japan and while he is working on his trip podcast here is something to tide you over. In this episode of the the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan reviews a coming of age story from Vertical Comics. So sit back and enjoy as he reviews "The Gods Lie" by Kaori Ozaki


While there is not too many spoilers in this episode, there is discussion about the plights of being an 11 year old and how crazy little brothers can be. Hope you enjoy

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Mar 2017

Spiraken Book Club: Space Scouts

In this Spiraken Book Review, Xan explores his past as well as Outerspace as he reviews Mike Lawrence's stellar coming of age comic, "Space Scouts"


Besides talking about the awesome protagonist, Xan talks about the art style and his favorite parts of this book. if you like our book reviews and want more, email me at xan@spiraken.com Anyway Hope you enjoy