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Xan is off to Japan

February 28th, 2017

So looks like Xan is off to Japan.

If you want to check out everything he is up to, check out our instagram at www.instagram.com/spiraken and our twitter www.twitter.com/spiraken

Good Luck Xan and bring us back pocky!!!!1

Spiraken Anime Review: Netflix’s Voltron Season 2

February 10th, 2017


In This episode of the podcast, Xan is joined by Anime Boston's very own Doug Wilder in order to fully dive into the awesomeness that is VOLTRON.



This highly anticipated animated series by Netflix is an awesome retelling of the original Go Lion/ Voltron from the 1980's.

With that in mind, Xan and Doug discuss the highlights of the show, go through the series episode by episode and talk about their hopes for the future.



Note There will be spoilers. Hope you Enjoy