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Jul 2014

Supplimental Episode y: Eden of the East

In this supplemental episode, Xan and Baz join a secret group as they review a pseudo realistic story of lost memories, conspiracies and super phones, so sit back and relax as they review Production IG's "HIgashi no Eden/ Eden of the East"

Eden of the east

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Jul 2014

“Friendship is Magic, could be 20% Cooler ” Spiraken Written Movie Review : A Brony Tale


Brony(n): A male fan of the childrens show " My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"

Being a reviewer of Japanese comic books, cartoons, video games, cult films and other geeky forms of medium, I generally have no right to judge what someone else enjoys, but whenever I heard about Bronys, I would get a chill down my spine. A grown man watching a show for little girls, what defect must they have to be into that fandom? says the fan of manga about boys turning into girls when splashed with cold water and tv shows about a time traveling alien in a blue box. however, when asked to review Hodge's " A Brony Tale" I said what the hell and dove right in. Aftre watching this documentary, my opinion has changed about them But first off...

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Jul 2014

Spiraken Book Club: June 2014 Part 1- Frankenstein

Welcome to the another installment of


In this episode of the new podcast,Xan reviews a class work of Horror Science Fiction in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"


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