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Mar 2014

Spiraken Con Review: Anime Boston 2014

In This awesome episode of Spiraken's Con Review, Xan talks about his experiences of Anime Boston 2014 at the Hynes ConventionCenter in Boston,MA from March 21 through 23th


The First Cosplayers Xan Saw at The Convention. San and the Forest Spirit from Mononoke Hime

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Mar 2014

Xan’s off to Anime Boston

Yep, Xan is off to that one that only

 for the weekend to see Jam Project and to host two panels. Hope to see you in Boston and remember to check out Xan's 20 Manga Recommendations For Grown Ups and His Collabaration with Vinne from AGC as they Talk about sci fi anime in "Journey To The Stars- Anime's Journey into Space"
wish Xan luck and expect many many podcasts about this con

Mar 2014

Spiraken Current Event Rants: Ep 02 feat Baz & Rufus

. In this podcast, listen as one of the many podcasters at spiraken.com goes off on a variety of topics from the current week. No holds barred feels about these topics, so sit back and relax as in this episode,  Baz rants about The death of Fred Phelps, New Spiderman Trailer, Selfies, The situation in the Ukraine, Free College for ohio, the english language and a few other topics. He is also joined by our prodigal cohost Rufus.  thanks and enjoy the show

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Mar 2014

Supplimental Episode U: Inferno Cop

In This Supplimental Episode, Xan & Baz expand their mind as they review that amazing Anime series by Studio Trigger "Inferno Cop"


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Mar 2014

Spiraken Movie Review Ep 97: Can I Come With You

 In this episode of Spiraken Movie Review, Baz and Xan drunkenly attempt ro review this Philip K. Dick Adaptation from 1995, "Screamers" directed by Christian Duguay and starring Peter Weller, Roy Dupuis & Jennifer Rubin


Listen as our intrepid hosts talk about the terrible acting, the amazing special effects, the pro cigarette message, and the paranoia behind Philip K. Dick's writing.


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