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Apr 2013

Special Guest Spot: All Geeks Considered: Film Noir

Xan had some free time when editing with Demona so he did a guest spot for " All Geeks Considered  Podcast" a podcast about all things geek

starring Vinny Averello and Diego Montalban


So sit back and enjoy as Vinnie, Diego and Xan talk about three films about Film Noir;  The Maltese Falcon, Strangers on a Train and Brick

Apr 2013

Spiraken Movie Review Ep 82: Unlike Tuskan Raiders, Hobos Do Not Travel In Single File To Hide Their

In this episode of Spiraken Movie Review, Xan is joined by Lufane, Cinematographer, photographer and co creator of webseries Haywire , as they discuss the second installment of John Carpenter's Apocalpyse Trilogy" Prince of Darkness" directed by John Carpenter and starring Donald Pleasant, Jameson Parker, Victor Wong, Lisa Blount, Dennis Dun, Jessie Lawrence Ferguson, a bunch of people who are red shirts and a special appearance by Alice Cooper

John Carpenter'sPrince of Darkness

Besides talking about the film, our intrepid hosts talk about Lu's webseries Haywire, an amazing post apocalypse ish drama set in Orange County, NY, the use of reoccurring actors like Donald Pleasant in the film, insane laughter, American Horror Story and how to fix the Hobbit Film.


Please send us any comments concerns and ideas on how to make this podcast better. Let us know so we can do something about it. Rate us on iTunes, check out the facebook fangroup Spiraken Movie Review, purchase some stuff from our amazon store in order to fund this podcast and finally, Check out Lu's webseries Haywire found at haywireseries.com

Music For Episode: Intro Music - Main Theme by John Carpenter ( Prince Of Darkness OST), Background Music -The Devil Arises by John Carpenter ( Prince Of Darkness OST), , Ending Music - End Credits by John Carpenter( Prince Of Darkness OST)

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