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Ep 83: Ittarakimasuu

Happy Holidays, Xan celebrates the holidays and the nirth of his nephew. He also reviews the super cute seinan series, "Chi's Sweet Home" by Konami Kanata

Since the premise ...

It's A Boy

Xan's an Uncle

At 2:13 am, Xan's Nephew NIcholas Michael was born 8.9 lbs.

Congrats to Xan's Brother and sis in law for their cute and healthy baby

In this episode, Xan observes and reports about one of the longest mangas out there that was written in the 1980's. So listen as he reviews this adventure fantasy horrot manga , "3...

Ep 81: Misleading Title

Ep 81: Misleading Title In the 81th episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan reviews a crappy manhwa , "P.K." by Lee Jong-Kyu and illustrated by Park Chul-Ho

Another Short ...

In the 80th episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan reflects on the dramatic slice of life seinen manga , "Bartender" by Araki Joh and illustrated by Kenji Nagatomo

A manga...