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Today is our esteemed host's 27th Birthday. Here is to many more birthdays Xan. Happy Birthday to you. If you want to send xan a message email him @

Ep 20-Critical Hit

Our 20th episode, Hurrah.  we hit 20. One more episode and we can drink. Anyway. In this episode of The Spiraken Manga review, Xan Reviews Ah! My Goddess, discusses being a toll co...

Happy Thanksgiving

To all our listeners. happy thanks giving. i hope that your day is very good and you have lots of delicious food

Held up by family

Hey guys, episode 20 and 21 are both recorded but  i have not had the time to edit them due to my grandmother coming to visit. It is very hard to edit when grandma needs much help....

Episode 19 is up. and we discuss Western style anime/manga, and review Gun Blaze West

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