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Sep 2008

Episode B- Supplimental B YAAAARRR Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!

Happy Internation Talk Like a pirate Day ^_^. Don’t worry, episode thirteen will be done as soon as possible. May-san is sick so we have been upable to get together to record an episode so here is some filler for you.this supplimental is full of piratey goodness. YAaarrrr and some information about Wanted, Cap'n Harlock and One Piece. enjoy

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Music For Episode: Background Music- Yo ho ho and a bottle of run , Intro Music- Brand New World by D-51 (One Piece 5th Op) Ending Music- We Are! By Hiroshi Kitadani (One Piece 1st Ep)

Sep 2008

EP 12- The Love Master and her Starry Wishes

Episode 12 is here and hope you enjoy while May-san and Xan review, Love Master A and Hoshi wa Utau.

Listen as Xan sounds like he didn't read his manga and as May-san bashes her manga. Also the kitty makes an appearence. enjoy

Music For Episode: Background Music Aishou no Borero by Excel Girls& Menchi (Excel Saga) Intro Music- Doki Doki Waku Waku by Chieko Kawabe (Ouran Host Club) Ending Music- Daia no Hana by Yoriko (Black Cat)

Sep 2008

Ep 11- Go Go Hentai Virgins!! (Remastered)

Finally, Xan and May-san are back after a little hiatus. Hope you guys enjoy while we review Ultimate Hentai Kamen and Virgin Na Kankei.

Also we have 2 new contests up. one a photo contest for anyone willing to dress up as hentai kamen. and the other for anyone interested in naming the new computer (our original laptop was the deathtop). just send the info to our emails, spiraken@gmail.com, xan.spiraken@gmail.com or maysan.spiraken@gmail.com

Music For Episode :background music- La vie en Rose , intro music- Mouse Chu Mouse by Under 17(M0use OST), Ending Music- Kekkou Kamen no Uta by Emi Shinohara(Kekko Kamen OST)