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Jul 2008

The Deathtop has died

Hello to all our fans out there, as the titles suggests, xan's laptop finally died so unfortunately we have been unable to put our round table episode ten up on time -_- gomen  please forgive our lateness and we promise that episode 10 will be an great and well worth episode. we promises ^_^ and worry not. by wedsnday the 6th we will have episode ten up and online.

Jul 2008

New ways to contact us if you like either May-san or Xan

here is our personal email addresses if you want to send us any fan mail or if you have specific questions for one of us specifically or if you want to complain about xan or maysan

may-san =   maysan.spiraken@gmail.com Xan         =   Xan.spiraken@gmail.com

Jul 2008

should may-san get to respin? you deside

Should May-San be allowed to Respin for her manga for episode 11
Yes No Only if Xan gets to respin too No but Xan Gets a Respin She gets to respin twice

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Jul 2008

Ep 09 Winning the liar game is as easy as playing the piano in the forest…honest

Ep 9 is up. In this episode we review Piano no mori and Liar Game. We got it released pretty quick or late i don't remember


Music for Episode: Intro Music-Moonshine By Nao Matsushita(Piano No Mori OST)Background Music- Safety DanceBy Men Without Hats (No Hats) Ending Music- Liar Game(Liar Game OST)

Note, ziggy was not harmed at all. we jest about using him as a dartboard. enjoy

Jul 2008

Ep 08- Buy A Hoi Hoi-San Today and Recieve a Free Isabela Doll

Our 4th of July episode!! Only a week late ^_^ Sorry about that. Due to additional computer and program difficulties we were late, but (thanks to Xan slaving away in super-editing mode) no worries. We're back on track now, trust us.

This episode we review Hoi Hoi-San, and Paradise Kiss.


Bell-chan joins us as a Guest and reviews Her Majesty's Dog.


Music for Episode: Intro Music -Motteke! Se-ra-fuku (Lucky Star OST), Ending Music-Lonely in Gorgeous by Tommy Feburary5 (Paradise Kiss OST)

May-san say: Xan deserves a medal.

Xan say: I need sleep -_-;.