Spiraken Manga Review


Ep 129: Guns Cars & Bombs Make Her Hot

June 1, 2011

In the 129th Episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan revisits the world of bounty hunters with a new spin on it. So Listen as he reviews the bombastic action comedy Manga "Gunsmith Cats" by KenichiSonata


Our intrepid host also discuss handicapable villians, Hope's upcoming project and hints at the updated review archive at our websiteHope You Enjoy this episode

Music For Episode: Intro Music -Intro by Peter Erskine ( Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof OST),Background Music -Hateshinai Toiki (Gunsmith Cats OST), Background Music -Toxic by Brittney Spears (Toxic), Ending Music - Closing by Peter Erskine ( Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof OST)

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