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Mar 2019

Ep 310: Dad Fiction At It’s Most Depraved

In this episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan delves back into gambling manga. So, enjoy as he review the adult psychological drama manga series "Riman Gambler Mouse" by Takahashi Noboru.



While not the most positive review, Xan does go over the rules of this strange game called "cowarDICE" and the weird nature of our main character. Hope you enjoy

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Mar 2019

Ep 309: Why isn’t This Manga Titled “Hyakkimaru”?

In this special episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan and Gretta are joined by Doug WIlder from animecons.tv as they review an amazing work by the great mangaka Tezuka Osamu. So, enjoy as our intrepid Hosts review the amazing horror samurai action manga series "Dororo" by Tezuka Osamu, as well as the 2019 Anime adaptation released by Studio Mappa.



As they compare the original manga to its new adaptation, our hosts also discuss the history of the manga,the unique issues that the protagonist deasl with as he regains his lost body parts, the tragic nature of life in the warring states period and why it stands the test of time. Hope you enjoy

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Mar 2019

Spiraken Anime Review: Winter Anime 2019

The Spiraken Anime Review has returned!!So celebrate with Xan and Gretta as they discuss the latest season Anime Japan has to offer to us fans.


From The Stand out Series 

dororo_anime.jpg roommate_is_a_catanime.jpg neverland_anime.jpg  meiji-tokyo-renka_anime.png

magical_girl_asuka_anime.jpg quints.jpg shield_hero_anime.png love_is_war_anime.jpg


to the more unique, niche and possibly WTF

ueno_anime.jpg kotobuki_anime.jpg endro_anime.jpg
boogiepop_and_others.jpg w_z.jpg price_of_smiles.jpg 


 Our Hosts go over the majority of the new series that came out and give their opinions on them. If you feel differently then us, let us know and email us at Spiraken@gmail.com. Either way, hope you enjoy

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