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Feb 2018

Ep 268: Reaching For One Another In An Empty Crowd

In this episode, Xan goes to a meloncholy place as he reviews "A Girl On The Shore" by Inio Asano.


Despite the random nature of Xan's review, there is discussion of the ambiance behind the story and the realistic depiction of a relationship between two emotionally damaged individuals. Leave Comments below on your thoughts.

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Feb 2018

Ep 267: Great Salaryman Kintarou

In this episode, Xan puts on a suit to be more professional as he reviews a manga about working in a corporate office while being a former biker punk. So enjoy as he reviews the seinen Comedy Drama working man series, "Salaryman Kintarou" by Hiroshi Motomiya


Besides discussing this manga, Xan also compares this to gto and expresses his befuddlement at liking a manga about working in an office. hope you enjoy this episode.

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Feb 2018

Ep 266: It’s Brewster’s Millions, But In Manga Form!

In our latest episode, Xan gets a lesson in how to earn an inheritance in this wacky 80s manga written by Naoki Yamamoto. So sit back and enjoy as he reviews "Dance Til Tomorrow/ Asette Dance"


Besides talking about the strange history behind the manga creator, Xan also dives into the similarities between this manga and several other properties. He also marvels at how this was even made. Hope you enjoy this episode.

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Feb 2018

Ep 265: A Review of In Clothes Called Fat

In this serious episode, Xan discusses a very serious manga that focuses on a disorder affecting millions of people. Here is the review of   "In Clothes Called Fat/ Shibō to Iu Nano Fuku o Kite " by Moyoco Anno


Xan tries his best to be tactful about the topic of bulimea and mental illness. If you feel that he did not do it justice, we here at spiraken.com do sincerely apologize. If you are concerned about the eating habits, weight, or body image of someone you care about, for information on how to help them, please go to https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/ or call 1 (800) 931-2237. If you suspect a medical or psychiatric emergency, such as threats of suicide or medical complications from eating disorder behaviors (such as fainting, heart arrhythmias, or seizures), seek medical attention or call 911 immediately.

We have all had family that may have been affected by illness, so remember that we are never alone in this world. Reach out if you need help. 
Feb 2018

Ep 264: Being Who You Are In Plain Sight

In our latest episode, Xan learns more about the wonder hobby that is cosplay. So enjoy as he reviews the slice of life cosplay drama manga series  "Cosplay Age" by Yui Sakuma


As he discusses the intriguing plot of this manga, our host also discusses the mature of cosplay, the need to embrace your hobbies and not be ashamed of them. This unique manga does give an interesting look at our otaku hobbies and how non otaku could view them. Remeber to embrace your love of otaku stuff and hope you enjoy this episode.

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