In this episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan gets to review a Sci Fi Opera series, which makes him feel manly, so sit back and relax as he reviews "Cobra" by Buichi Terasawa


He also discusses Spiraken's plans for and why the psychogun is awesome Hope you enjoy

Ed Chavez as Cobra

Ed Chavez cosplaying as Cobra

Music For Episode: Intro Music -Kizudarake no Yume by Yoko Takahashi ( Cobra The Animation: Psychogun OST ), Background Music - Opening Theme by Yoko Maeno ( Space Adventurer Cobra OST), Background Music - Wanderer by Shigeru Matsuzaki ( Cobra The Animation:Psychogun OST ), Background Music - Kimi ga bi Waraunara by Shigeru Matsuzaki (Cobra The Animation: Time Drive OST),Ending Music - Cobra The Space Pirate by Sasja Antheunis ( Cobra The Animation: Rokunin no Yushi OST )

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