Spiraken Manga Review

Some Podcast Inventing Reviews About Kinetically Enhanced Narratives

Busy Busy Busy

January 28th, 2013

Sorry for no real reviews the for the last month, things have been crazy with the new job. But I did record a movie review episode with Kelley Hightower from Mating habits of the modern geek podcast. It should be up really soon. I promise

New Chapter in the life of Xan

January 14th, 2013

Hey Guys, So it begins, 2013 and I have a new job, I know I know I should be posting a new Manga Review, Movie Review or Game Review but I am really excited for this opportunity to be working in the field that I have a degree in.

Xan's First Day At Work

The plus side: its a full time job which means more income, a more standard schedule (working 9 to 5) and lots of fun projects to work on. The negative side: 2.5 hr round trip commute, lots of expenses (gas, tolls, etc), early mornings,

hopefully once I get the time shift down, I will be able to easily edit podcasts on a more regular basis, we shall see where it goes. Wish me luck guys