Spiraken Manga Review


Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for no real reviews the for the last month, things have been crazy with the new job. But I did record a movie review episode with Kelley Hightower from Mating habits of the modern geek podcast. It should be up really soon. I promise


New Chapter in the life of Xan

Hey Guys, So it begins, 2013 and I have a new job, I know I know I should be posting a new Manga Review, Movie Review or Game Review but I am really excited for this opportunity to be working in the field that I have a degree in.

Xan's First Day At Work

The plus side: its a full time job which means more income, a more standard schedule (working 9 to 5) and lots of fun projects to work on. The negative side: 2.5 hr round trip commute, lots of expenses (gas, tolls, etc), early mornings,

hopefully once I get the time shift down, I will be able to easily edit podcasts on a more regular basis, we shall see where it goes. Wish me luck guys