Spiraken Manga Review


Ep 146: The Woman of Tezuka (or Incest Is Still Not Best! What Is Wrong With You!)

March 7, 2012

In this episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan & Timbo tackle two of Vertical Inc's Osamu Tezuka Releases, "Princess Knight" and "Ayako"

princessknight.jpg ayako.jpg

They also discuss the greatness of Osamu Tezuka, why incest is a horrible idea, and why crossdressing to keep a throne from an idiot relative might not be such a bad idea. Hope you enjoy

Music For Episode: Intro Music -Ribon no Kishi by HIBI★Chazz-K(Jazz Sax Ensemble) ( Studio Wuu's Sam Ando Show ), Background Music - Ribon no Kishi by Yoko Maekawa ( Ribon no Kishi OST), Background Music - Lupin the III Theme song by Yuji Oono ( Best of Lupin III '78 OST ), Ending Music - Ribbon no March by Yoko Maekawa( Ribon no Kishi OST )

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Random Question of the Week: What other Tezuka manga has Vertical Inc. released?