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Spiraken Movie Review Ep 59: Gori Rider! You Mother F******

February 25, 2012

In This redux episode of the spiraken Movie Review, Xan & Baz go back to review the US Release of Takashi Koike's "Redline" with new co-host the NEW GUY!


While they do cover some material that was covered back in episode 56, they have some new opinions on the film while watching its english dub, they also discuss the new episode 1 3-d release, Xan's hatred of all things made in taiwan, Baz's love of TAB and the New Guy's use of Large Words.


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Music For Episode: Intro Music -Yellow line by James Shimoji ( Redline OST), Background Music -Redline Title by James Shimoji ( Redline OST), Ending Music -Redline Day by James Shimoji ( Redline OST)

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Random Question of the Week: Who is your favorite racer from Redline?