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In this very special episode of the Spiraken Movie Review, For Hope's Birthday, She and Xan review the Romantic Classic film "Say Anything" directed by Cameron Crowe and starring John Cusak, Ione Sky, John Mahoney, Lili Taylor, Joan Cusak and Jeremy Piven


Within this episode, there is also discussion about How Awesome John Cusak is, What is the proper protocal for meeting a date's parents, What you should not tell your parents about a date, Is Xan really like Lloyd Dobler ,The existance of Yellowbook, What is Xan's Stitch Infatuation? and finally Xan's Hatred of Jason Segal Please send us any comments concerns and ideas on how to make this podcast better. Let us know so we can do something about it. Also check out the facebook fangroup Spiraken Movie Review, And finally, listen to the primary podcast, The Spiraken Manga Review and check out Xan's sidekickery on the podcast Hope you enjoy.


Music For Episode: Intro Music -I Gave Her My Heart and She Gave Me A Pen by My Hidden Track (Hey Love), Background Music -All For Love by Nancy Wilson (Say Anything OST), Background Music -Cult of Personality by Living Colour (Say Anything OST), Background Music -One Big Rush by Joe Satriani (Say Anything OST), Background Music -You Want It by Cheap Trick (Say Anything OST), Background Music -Taste The Pain by Red Hot Chili Peppers (Say Anything OST),Background Music -Stripped by Depeche Mode (Say Anything OST), Background Music -Skankin To The Beat by Fishbone (Say Anything OST), Background Music -Within Your Reach by The Replacements (Say Anything OST), Ending Music -In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel (Say Anything OST)

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Random Question of the Week: How many times do you think Hope has watched Say Anything?