In the one hundred and nineteenth Episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Kal reviews the Sequel to a Harem comedy manga reviewed in ep 18, "Girl Saurus DX" by Kei Kusunoki, which Xan gets to review the prison action sci/fi series "Deadman Wonderland" by Jinsei Kataoka


They also discuss the current season of Smallville and Kal tries to pull a prank on Xan. Hope You Enjoy

Music For Episode: Intro Music -Please Say Yes Yes Yes by Porno Graffiti ( Porno Graffiti),Background Music -Tumbling Down/Komm Susser Todd by Hideaki Anno (The End of Evangelion OST ), Ending Music -Devil Got My Soul by Fake?! ( Songs From Beelzebub )

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Random Question of the Week: How many Stereotype Harem Girls are in Girl Saurus DX?

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