In ep 112 of the Spiraken Manga Review, Kal returns to review a somewhat popular baseball manga "Rookies" by Masanori Morita , meanwhile Xan indulges in his high school zombie apocalypse series "High School of the Dead" by Daisuke Satō


As an added bonus, Xan and Kal discuss the pros and cons of Ken Akamatsu's idea for a free manga portal as well as the various comic book movie news and the recent Green Lantern Trailer.

Remember to send us emails, check out and also a picture of Neil Patrick Stewart in a smoking jacket with a pipe. And for our fans who live in the United States, we hope that you have a safe and fun Thanksgiving day and that your black friday is not too hectic. Thanks and hope you enjoy

Music For Episode:, Intro Music - High School of the Dead (TV Size) by Kishida Kyoudan (High School of the Dead OST ), Background Music -News ( ), Background Music -Kiseki by GreeeeN (Rookies OST ), Background Music -High School of the Dead by Kishida Kyoudan ( High School of the Dead OST ), Background Music -Infection by Mell ( High School of the Dead OST ) ,Background Music -Color Me Dark (TV Size) by Maon Kurosaki (High School of the Dead OST ), Ending Music -Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda hi by Maon Kurosaki ( High School of the Dead OST )

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