Spiraken Manga Review


Ep 111: How The Fuck Does A Chain Smoking Buddhest Monk Become A Sanzo?

November 17, 2010

In episode 111 of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan is back and he reviews that reinterpretation of Journey to the West (which is not Dragonball), The Fantasy Adventure manga "Gensoumaden Saiyuki" by Kazuya Minekura


This is a pretty quick episode so besides talking about the manga, Xan goes over NEWS! Yes we finally have news to talk about in the Manga World. If you want to know more, just listen to this podcast.

Remember to send us emails, check out fightbait.com and also a picture of Neil Patrick Stewart in a smoking jacket with a pipe. Hope You Enjoy

Music For Episode:, Intro Music - For Real by Hidenori Tokuyama (Gensoumaden Saiyuki OST ),Background Music -News (Freesounds.org ), Background Music -For Real (Guitar Version) by Hidenori Tokuyama (Gensoumaden Saiyuki OST ), Background Music -Goku no Theme by Souichiro Hoshi ( Gensoumaden Saiyuki OST ), Background Music -Gojyo no Theme by Hiraka Hiraoki ( Gensoumaden Saiyuki OST ) ,Background Music -Hakkai no Theme by Motoi Sakuraba (Gensoumaden Saiyuki OST ), Background Music -Alone by Mikuni Shimokawa (Gensoumaden Saiyuki OST ), Ending Music -Tightrope (requiem Version) by Tetsu69 ( Gensoumaden Saiyuki Requium Ost )

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Random Question of the Week: What is the name of the youkai that Son Goku falls in love with?