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November 6, 2010  

In this, the 17th episode of the Spiraken Movie Review, Xan and Deke poorly review a comic book based movie "Tank Girl, directed by Rebecca Talala and Starring Lori Petty, Malcolm Mcdowell, Ice-T and Naomi Watts


Now due to issues with Xan's laptop, this episode sounds a little bit staticy, so He apologizes in Advance. Also in Retrospect, Xan and Deke feel a bit guilty about not really watching this movie before we gave it a review. If you feel that we should go back and re -review Tank Girl, Email us and we will. Let Mus know


Please send any comments concerns and ideas on how to make this podcast better. Let us know. . And finally, listen to the primary podcast, The Spiraken Manga Review and check out Xan's sidekickery on the fightbait.com podcast Hope you enjoy.

Music For Episode: Intro Music -Girl You Want (Tank Girl Mix) by Devo (Tank Girl OST), Background Music -Army of One by Bjork ( Tank Girl OST), Background Music -Road by Portishead ( Tank Girl OST), Ending Music -Let's Do It by Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg ( Tank Girl OST),

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Random Question of the Week: What was the song played when Tank Girl first saw the tank in the movie?

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