In this episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan and Kal pay homage to some of the great Manga-kas as they review two classic mangas. Xan shows us a post apocolyptic future in the Ultra Violence Action series, "Violence Jack" by Go Nagai, while Kal examines the Tokusatsu Revenge Story that is... "The Skull Man" by Shotaro Ishinomori

Vjack_volume1_cover.jpg skullman.jpg

Besides talking about the mangas in question, Our hosts rant more about BP's latest failure and read some emails. They also ponder who is the Skull Man and where is Violence Jack? Remember that The Spiraken Manga Review has a sponsor "Audible"- a website which offers over 75,000 audiobooks to download on your iPod or Zune to Listen to after you listen to an episode of the Spiraken Manga Review. Check them out at and get a free audiobook and 14 days free to check out the services.

Remember to send us emails and also a picture of Neil Patrick Stewart in a smoking jacket with a pipe. Hope You Enjoy

Intro Music -Hikari no Machi by Tokio ( The Skull Man OST 1),Background Music - Violence Jack Intro (Violence Jack OST ),Background Music - Skull man Jokyoku by Sagisu Shirou (The Skull Man OST 1 ),Background Music -Gekka no Kaijin by Sagisu Shirou ( The Skull Man OST 1 ),Background Music - Tsuiseki Shireiby Sagisu Shirou ( The Skull Man OST 1 ), Ending Music - Evil Town Hell Town ( Violence Jack OST)

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Random Question of the Week:Who is referenced in The Skull Man and Violence Jack?

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