WE'VE DONE IT!!!!!!!! The Spiraken manga review has reached 100 Episodes. So for this episode Xan, Bell-chan, Fightbait (John Paul) & Kal examine the otaku condition with the infamous Trilogy of Otakudom. So listen as Kal reviews the lighter side of being a manga, anime, and video game fan in the Outstanding College Series "Genshiken" by Kio Shinoku, while Fightbait explores the evil depths of hikikimori, lolicons, moe and drug use in the depressing yet funny manga adaption "Welcome to the NHK" by Tatsuhiko Takimoto. And be amazed and horrified as Xan describes a story of love, loss, obsession,Online Games and unrequited love in the character study manga series " Ressentiment" by Kengo Hanazawa

genshikenVS.jpgnhk.jpg ressentiment.jpg

Bell-Chan adds to the mix with a unique perspective on how long this podcast has been around as well as why Xan did it. Xan also gets into a discussion with Kal about the recent state of Scanlations and Shonen Jump's stance on it. Thanks to all the listeners who contributed to this episode with a voicemail or email. So to Deke, LokeyC, Hope, Tim, Sasser, and the Illustrious Daryl Surat, Thank you very much . Unfortunately, Xan was unable to include everyone's because of time constrants as well as poor audio quality. So to Jasper, Malicite 23, Ruby, Hannyness, Susishi, Mrtodokichi and Saphire, sorry about not being able to use your stuff. I will try to include it next tiem. This episode has lots of unique sound effects which help make the podcast more interactive. There is also a lot of cool background music that makes the episode even more awesome. Also remember to stay for the stinger. If you get the reference you are awesome!!! Remember to check out Xan's antics on the Fightbait.com podcast . Tell us about this podcast, if you loved it, if you hate it. Send an email to spiraken@gmail.com and give us congratulations for reaching episode 100. Or if you really want to be creative. leave a voicemail at 206-350-8462. Thank you and to all the children... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Intro Music -Puzzle by Round Table featuring Nino ( Welcome To The NHK OST),Background Music - Subtitle (Genshiken OST ),Background Music - My Pace-Daioh by Manzo (Genshiken OST ),Background Music - Kujibiki Unbalance by Under 17 ( Kujibiki Unbalance OST ),Background Music -Everydays (Genshiken OST),Background Music - Kairaku Mousou (Genshiken OST ),Background Music - Kakugo no Blues type-2 (Genshiken OST ),Background Music - Pleasure (Genshiken OST 2 ),Background Music - Electric City Shopping (Genshiken OST ),Background Music - Electric City Strut (Genshiken OST ),Background Music - Souki, Saki (Genshiken OST ),Background Music - Biidama(short edit) by Atsumi Saori (Genshiken OST ),Background Music - Puzzle (extra hot mix) by Round Table Featuring Nino (Welcome To The NHK OST ),Background Music - Fushigi Purupuru Pururin Rin! by Pearl Kyoudai (Welcome To The NHK OST ),Background Music - Puzzle (extra hot mix) by Round Table Featuring Nino (Welcome To The NHK OST ),Background Music - Nippon Bikkomori Kyoukai No Theme by Pearl Kyoudai ( Welcome To The NHK OST ),Background Music - Omae to Ore no Enjou Douro by Pearl Kyoudai ( Welcome To The NHK OST),Background Music -DIG Battle DIG by Pearl Kyoudai ( Welcome To The NHK OST ),Background Music - Modokashii Sekai no Ue de by Yui Makino ( Welcome To The NHK OST), Ending Music - Biidama by Saori Atsumi (Genshiken OST), Stinger Music - Good Or Don't Be by Saori Atsumi (Neon Genesis Evangelion S2 Engine V2 OST)

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